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We're Hiring!

Interested in joining our team? 

While we have a great team, with an average length of employment stretching 5+ years, we're always looking for dedicated, fun new people to join us! 


Open positions are listed on our Facebook Page.  You're also welcome to stop in 8a-11 or 2p-close to get an application in person. 


Below you will find just a few reasons we feel we create a wonderful environment, unique to the restaurant industry!

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Working for a small business enables you to have a say....a say in the operations, involvement in the community, development of menu items, networking and evolution of the team, while knowing the family you work with and being involved with decisions that influence your quality of life.

​                                             ?  Are you looking for day shift position...we have that!

                                          ?  Are you looking for a set schedule....most our shifts are set, and posted in advance!

                                          ?  Do you want to feel you matter....our team earns bonuses for their contributions, has paid vacations together, is

                                                              regularly asked for new ideas, AND MORE!

                                          ?  What training have receive or what have you learned from your most recent job....we provide monthly

                                                              trainings, optional education classes, and regularly host pre-shift meetings to coordinate our days!

                                          ?  Do you have healthcare and a savings plan with your current job....WE DO!  These benefits were one of the                                                                      most important additions we've made to our benefits program according to our team...and we listened! 

                                          ?  Tired of packing your lunch each day....we offer PAID lunches for our team members each day they work!

                                          ?  Do you like saving money....our team receives discounts on meals and desserts at Sweet Cravings AND discounts                                                                 at our sister-giftshop Crave Moab!

                                          ?  Are you looking for a company you can grow and learn with....we regularly promote our team members or

                                                               create areas for increased responsibility with appropriate pay/compensation!

Our employees enjoy many benefits because they work for a small business that cares.  Creating a balance for your career and personal life matters.  A result you can see first hand as we've implemented many of the following initiatives because of our team's needs:

                                          HEALTHCARE:  What started because of a team members desire to have a family has become an invaluable resource for many of our team members.  Having health insurance enabled many of our employees to actively pursue proactive care, necessary elective surgeries and COVID support through the years.

                                          IRA SAVINGS PLAN:  Less than 1/3 of businesses provide savings options for their employees.  We're fortunately to be able to offer a matched savings plan that allows our team to invest in their future and that of their families.  By saving and investing today, they look forward to a retirement day and security that is rare in our industry.

                                          DAY SHIFT HOURS & REGULAR DAYS OFF:  It sounds silly to say, but those who have worked in the restaurant industry understand all too well how difficult "double" shifts, irregular schedules and uncertain days off are key to a challenging life balance.  We plan our schedules 3 weeks out, set days off together rather than making them the exception, and do our best to provide a "set" schedule for all team members.  Of course demand changes things and other team members may need to request a day off that influences your schedule, but setting a focus to offer advance schedules with consistent days off is our goal.









                                           COMMUNITY SUPPORT:  Doesn't it feel good to support those in need?  Whether it's a family struggling with an emergency, lending a hand to a community dinner, or facilitating the "adoption" of hundreds of kids for the holidays via Angel Tree....our team loves getting involved in our community.

                                           QUALITY PRODUCTS:  We make it here!  Most of our ingredients are still made on-site.  Unusual in this day and age.  Whether you are a baker making sweets from scratch or a line cook preparing sauces and recipes for lunches....our team is proud to offer quality ingredients made just for our guests....the old fashioned way!

                                           ONGOING TRAINING:  It's fun to learn and we do a lot of it!  Even if it's just being interested in another area of the business or discovering new ideas together, our team is open to opportunity.  Managers provide on-going training while we also look for classes and opportunities to grow outside the business.  From Health Standards we need to do our job, to fire extinguisher trainings, customer service classes and partnerships with accredited learning to enhance overall education.  Once you've learned something new....nobody can take that away!

                                           BONUSES:  Yes and we offer great pay as well!  It's important that each employee feels their contribution to the operations.  Our team members gain increased pay from their reliability, consistency, and even ideas they submit.  There's nothing more rewarding to us than celebrating success.  Whether it's a day of BINGO  with prizes or the daily bonus plan we have when we celebrate our goal for the day....our company rewards you for your hard work.

 As you can see there are many reasons to work with our team! 

It's worth an interview to see how working at Sweet Cravings may improve your quality of life!

How To Apply:  In person (397 N Main St), on Facebook (our open positions are always listed), or send us a resume

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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